Everybody desires to have an amazing shape, and no matter how much you may deny but it’s the era of losing weight and posting pictures on Social media, we all want to look good and have a Healthy lifestyle so today let’s talk about the need for the season “Green Tea”, it is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients but are you drinking the right brand of “Green Tea”?With so many scams going on in the market how do you know the green to you are drinking it is loaded with antioxidants or chemicals? So here I present before you the best

Green Tea brands of 2017

  1. TWINING JASMINE– this brand sells a variety of tea, which is organic and fair trade this company also has decaffeinated green tea, and it is made from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis. This is very light and refreshing drink; it is rich in catechins that lead to weight loss.
  2. LIPTON– this brand is pretty cheap from the other brands, this brand has no side effects, and if you can tolerate the bitter taste you can try this
  3. STASH – this tea is made from the Japanese tea bushes, it helps in clearing out the stubborn acne, you are going to adore the taste of this brand, it will increase your metabolism and is normal in taste.
  4. NUMI – This is currently the best brand in the market; it is 100% organic. Also, it maintains the level of cholesterol and blood pressure, it contains a normal amount of caffeine and boosts metabolism
  5. YOGI– this will help you in weight loss and resolve your health issues, it will reduce your appetite which will lead to weight loss, you have to try this once, but it contains caffeine, it will lead to a migraine if taken on empty stomach.

NOTE:- You can find all these brands on Amazon at reasonable prices.