Water shoes are the specialized form of foot wear that provides foot protection and comfort. These kinds of shoes are mainly used by sports men and women who do swimming activities. They are made and found in different forms such as the: water sneakers, pool shoes, and water candles. They are made in different forms and color.

Most of the people buy water shoes for the following use and purpose:

1. Walking with them around the beach-water candles are the type of shoes used by those people who frequently visit the beach. This is because the candles are comfortable in the sands and in cool waters.

2. Water shoes are used for fishing-most of the fishermen wear shoes while fishing, this is for protection purposes against harmful objects that are found in the water. The water shoes also provide them with comfort because they are always light even hen soaked with water as compared to other types of shoes.

3. Some people use water shoes for strolling purpose around town, and even for jogging, this is due to their lightness and comfort.

4. Water shoes are also used for hiking. They are mainly used in hiking places that are watery. This is because these shoes are less slippery and are light thus providing shyness while his hoe Importance of water shoes

  • Provides protection for the foot and the toes toes
  • Provides the users with comfort especially for the sports men and women
  • They are cheap and easily available
  • Can be found in different modes or types and according to the purpose of the users
  • They are durable/long-lasting which saves you on the cost of buying new shoes

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