Top 5 best headphones under $100 in 2017 reviews

Headphones are designed to give you the general layout of music without interrupting to what other people around you are doing. It, therefore, means that music becomes your “secret” whenever you use headphones. However, you might find out that some are expensive and beyond what you can afford. You might, therefore, decide to stop buying them if you notice that the price does not collaborate with your pocket, However, there are still some best headphones under $ 100 which give you a variety of services and also ensure that you enjoy using them. You can use them while sleeping, relaxing, or even when watching some secretive videos. These headphones and therefore affordable whatsoever with outstanding features to help you enJOY your mus1c.

1. Bose soundtrue wired headphones

This brand of headphones has all that you need. It is available in both black and navy blue colors. Besides, this headphone has a matt finish to ensure that it lasts long and also gives you a comfortable feeling. It also includes a spongy padding on the sides to make sure that you have a happy music playing to its tune.


• Spongy padding for comfort
• Fantastic sound production mostly for the vocals
• Durable and efficient

2. JBL E40BT wireless – Bluetooth stereo headphones

For you to have a happy music tune while listening to music and watching videos, JBL E40BT headphones remain your first choice for purchase. In that case, this headphone has a Bluetooth connection to make sure that you can transfer different songs from other devices to this headphones. You are also able to connect media direct from other devices and hear it from this headphone. It also features a durable design with a long lasting battery for convenience


• Long lasting battery
• Bluetooth connection
• Wireless connection
• High-quality music playback

3. Saithechi aluminum wireless headphones

Ever since when music was introduced, many people provide different feedbacks towards it. Some take it as so noisy while other enjoy every beat. To prevent disturbing those who dislike music around you, you should employ the use of Saithechi wireless headphones to enjoy every beat produced. It has a Bluetooth wireless
connection and therefore regarded as the best for sweet sound playback.


• Wireless Bluetooth connection
• High wave strength for connection
• Durable
• Three-year warranty

4. GRADO SR80E headphones

For you to enjoy your music with the best headphone under$ 100, GRADO SR80E headphones play a better role to ensure that you enjoy each beat of your music. The headphones are advanced to make sure that they do not leak any sound from your device. You are also able to enjoy its Bluetooth connection to transfer music from other devices and also to make them the core media playback devices.


• Durable
• Perfect music playback
• Bluetooth connection
• No sound leaking

5. BAHM Bluetooth wireless headphones

As much as you care about your ears safety, you should ensure that you use the best selection of headphones to make sure that all turns a breeze. The headphones are designed to make sure that the media playback is perfect. You will also enjoy its Bluetooth connection and the state that it is a wireless connection with a sound and robust connection wave.


• Highly recommended for wireless connection
• Bluetooth connection
• Highly durable and affordable


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