An HDMI splitter is a device that allows sharing of content between multiple display sources. Best HDMI splitters have more than one HDMI input to connect sources. They are equipped with their power source though they can still be powered from a USB cable. When an HDMI splitter is used in sharing content to screens with different resolutions, they automatically output display that matches the quality of a resolution. The best-rated HDMI splitters in the year 2017 are the following.


The splitter allows you to share content between two monitors. It is most ideal to use for gaming and home application. It is equipped with high speed which is inbuilt. This is an advantage as there is an easy transfer of signals which in turn enables clarity of the display.

2. 4K HDMI Splitter

It is a reliable splitter as it enables the taking and receiving of any signals. It breaks the signal into two simultaneous display of high clarity. The splitter is enclosed in a quality metal protective shell which helps to keep the unit cool and free from overheating. The two HDMI output can easily support three devices and enhance sharing of the content. The 4k HDMI splitter also enables easy transfer of audio output in various ranges.

3.Tensun Mini HDMI Splitter

This is a small gadget which enables HDMI signal sharing. The gadget is small enough to be carried using one’s pocket. The small size enables easy carrying of the device from one location to another. However, the device supports the 3d display on different display units and suffers no signal loss when connected.


This allows connectivity and sharing of content between all the available HDMI versions. It supports the display of content from one screen to the other with a very quick progression thus suffering no signal loss. This makes it ideal for use in home application and the high graphic games.

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