Water shoes are the specialized form of foot wear that provides foot protection and comfort. These kinds of shoes are mainly used by sports men and women who do swimming activities. They are made and found in different forms such as the: water sneakers, pool shoes, and water candles. They are made in different forms and color.

Most of the people buy water shoes for the following use and purpose:

1. Walking with them around the beach-water candles are the type of shoes used by those people who frequently visit the beach. This is because the candles are comfortable in the sands and in cool waters.

2. Water shoes are used for fishing-most of the fishermen wear shoes while fishing, this is for protection purposes against harmful objects that are found in the water. The water shoes also provide them with comfort because they are always light even hen soaked with water as compared to other types of shoes.

3. Some people use water shoes for strolling purpose around town, and even for jogging, this is due to their lightness and comfort.

4. Water shoes are also used for hiking. They are mainly used in hiking places that are watery. This is because these shoes are less slippery and are light thus providing shyness while his hoe Importance of water shoes

  • Provides protection for the foot and the toes toes
  • Provides the users with comfort especially for the sports men and women
  • They are cheap and easily available
  • Can be found in different modes or types and according to the purpose of the users
  • They are durable/long-lasting which saves you on the cost of buying new shoes

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Everybody desires to have an amazing shape, and no matter how much you may deny but it’s the era of losing weight and posting pictures on Social media, we all want to look good and have a Healthy lifestyle so today let’s talk about the need for the season “Green Tea”, it is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients but are you drinking the right brand of “Green Tea”?With so many scams going on in the market how do you know the green to you are drinking it is loaded with antioxidants or chemicals? So here I present before you the best

Green Tea brands of 2017

  1. TWINING JASMINE– this brand sells a variety of tea, which is organic and fair trade this company also has decaffeinated green tea, and it is made from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis. This is very light and refreshing drink; it is rich in catechins that lead to weight loss.
  2. LIPTON– this brand is pretty cheap from the other brands, this brand has no side effects, and if you can tolerate the bitter taste you can try this
  3. STASH – this tea is made from the Japanese tea bushes, it helps in clearing out the stubborn acne, you are going to adore the taste of this brand, it will increase your metabolism and is normal in taste.
  4. NUMI – This is currently the best brand in the market; it is 100% organic. Also, it maintains the level of cholesterol and blood pressure, it contains a normal amount of caffeine and boosts metabolism
  5. YOGI– this will help you in weight loss and resolve your health issues, it will reduce your appetite which will lead to weight loss, you have to try this once, but it contains caffeine, it will lead to a migraine if taken on empty stomach.

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Top 5 best headphones under $100 in 2017 reviews

Headphones are designed to give you the general layout of music without interrupting to what other people around you are doing. It, therefore, means that music becomes your “secret” whenever you use headphones. However, you might find out that some are expensive and beyond what you can afford. You might, therefore, decide to stop buying them if you notice that the price does not collaborate with your pocket, However, there are still some best headphones under $ 100 which give you a variety of services and also ensure that you enjoy using them. You can use them while sleeping, relaxing, or even when watching some secretive videos. These headphones and therefore affordable whatsoever with outstanding features to help you enJOY your mus1c.

1. Bose soundtrue wired headphones

This brand of headphones has all that you need. It is available in both black and navy blue colors. Besides, this headphone has a matt finish to ensure that it lasts long and also gives you a comfortable feeling. It also includes a spongy padding on the sides to make sure that you have a happy music playing to its tune.


• Spongy padding for comfort
• Fantastic sound production mostly for the vocals
• Durable and efficient

2. JBL E40BT wireless – Bluetooth stereo headphones

For you to have a happy music tune while listening to music and watching videos, JBL E40BT headphones remain your first choice for purchase. In that case, this headphone has a Bluetooth connection to make sure that you can transfer different songs from other devices to this headphones. You are also able to connect media direct from other devices and hear it from this headphone. It also features a durable design with a long lasting battery for convenience


• Long lasting battery
• Bluetooth connection
• Wireless connection
• High-quality music playback

3. Saithechi aluminum wireless headphones

Ever since when music was introduced, many people provide different feedbacks towards it. Some take it as so noisy while other enjoy every beat. To prevent disturbing those who dislike music around you, you should employ the use of Saithechi wireless headphones to enjoy every beat produced. It has a Bluetooth wireless
connection and therefore regarded as the best for sweet sound playback.


• Wireless Bluetooth connection
• High wave strength for connection
• Durable
• Three-year warranty

4. GRADO SR80E headphones

For you to enjoy your music with the best headphone under$ 100, GRADO SR80E headphones play a better role to ensure that you enjoy each beat of your music. The headphones are advanced to make sure that they do not leak any sound from your device. You are also able to enjoy its Bluetooth connection to transfer music from other devices and also to make them the core media playback devices.


• Durable
• Perfect music playback
• Bluetooth connection
• No sound leaking

5. BAHM Bluetooth wireless headphones

As much as you care about your ears safety, you should ensure that you use the best selection of headphones to make sure that all turns a breeze. The headphones are designed to make sure that the media playback is perfect. You will also enjoy its Bluetooth connection and the state that it is a wireless connection with a sound and robust connection wave.


• Highly recommended for wireless connection
• Bluetooth connection
• Highly durable and affordable



An HDMI splitter is a device that allows sharing of content between multiple display sources. Best HDMI splitters have more than one HDMI input to connect sources. They are equipped with their power source though they can still be powered from a USB cable. When an HDMI splitter is used in sharing content to screens with different resolutions, they automatically output display that matches the quality of a resolution. The best-rated HDMI splitters in the year 2017 are the following.


The splitter allows you to share content between two monitors. It is most ideal to use for gaming and home application. It is equipped with high speed which is inbuilt. This is an advantage as there is an easy transfer of signals which in turn enables clarity of the display.

2. 4K HDMI Splitter

It is a reliable splitter as it enables the taking and receiving of any signals. It breaks the signal into two simultaneous display of high clarity. The splitter is enclosed in a quality metal protective shell which helps to keep the unit cool and free from overheating. The two HDMI output can easily support three devices and enhance sharing of the content. The 4k HDMI splitter also enables easy transfer of audio output in various ranges.

3.Tensun Mini HDMI Splitter

This is a small gadget which enables HDMI signal sharing. The gadget is small enough to be carried using one’s pocket. The small size enables easy carrying of the device from one location to another. However, the device supports the 3d display on different display units and suffers no signal loss when connected.


This allows connectivity and sharing of content between all the available HDMI versions. It supports the display of content from one screen to the other with a very quick progression thus suffering no signal loss. This makes it ideal for use in home application and the high graphic games.

Helpful forum discus link about Wireless HDMI Splitter

Helpful forum discus link about HDMI Splitter

Power Tools

Electric chainsaw review

The electric using chainsaws are regularly the less demanding, lightweight and most suitable alternative for the easy home backyard undertakings. If you are willing to get extraordinary compared to other electric chainsaws in the market, at that point, you can read below. The electric using chainsaws have specific kinds of features and traits that make it simple to be used by a more extensive scope of individuals when contrasted and the gas sorts. The following are top three best electric chainsaws:

1. WG303.1 WORX Electric Chainsaw

This is a model that is a good cut over all the others. Its auto-tension framework features a curiously large knob which protects the bar and the chain consequently naturally keeping up the legitimate tension as you work the chain saw. With this model, you are spared from the hassles of mixing gas and oil or even manage the tedious new businesses. The unit accompanies a program oiler which always lubricates the saws chain and the piece with each chain saw Worx having a 6.75 oz. Oil repository together with an indicator for oil level.

2. LCS1020 20V Black and Decker

At 7.2 pounds, this chargeable electric chain saw is one of the very lightest and little size chain saws accessible. It is practically similar to the Black& Decker LCS1240 yet works on a 20V battery. It is perfect for all homeowners and chainsaw clients who require a little and portable chainsaw to cut firewood, for pruning
and trimming errands in their homes and yards. It has enough power to deal with all little to medium obligation errands and a 10″ manage a bar and saw chain designed to slice through woods quick and easily. It is additionally extremely portable which makes it simple to utilize and move even in troublesome angles.

3. WG304.1WORX Electric Chainsaw

It is a one of a kind design that you should have if you truly need to take your slicing projects to the following level. The unit accompanies a licensed sans tool auto tensioning framework and chain replacement framework. The auto tension structure has a larger than usual knob for securing the bar together with the chain and programmed support of legitimate tension when the tool is under operation. This auto tensioning framework has likewise been designed to extend the life of the chain together with the bar through the end any plausibility of over tightening.


If you are trying to purchase a chainsaw for your home, you might need to avoid a drive purchase. There are a few factors that you need to consider on since there are a few splendid chainsaws available to buy at this moment. Be that as it may, regardless of the vast assortment of a superb chainsaw, not these chainsaws will be an ideal choice for you and your home. It is shrewder to consider your needs and whether the equipment you pick can cater to that need.


Best Truck Bed Tent For 2017

A truck bed is an essential part of your camping gear if you don’t want to end up sleeping in the uncomfortable cold hard ground. Truck beds are not just comfortable, but also prevent you from rainy and windy outdoor nights. If you are camping out in a forest or an area where wild animals linger around then, a truck bed will be a lifesaver. Finding the right truck bed can prove to be a headache, especially with all the different shapes, designs and materials in the market, all claiming to be the best.

The best truck bed tent should be uniquely designed to be able to suit the needs of varying weather patterns, have a strong, durable material and be of the right size. The Napier truck tent meets all these qualities and more. With a quick and easy to assemble set-up process, a large interior space to suit up to two people and built with a very sturdy material to protect you from the elements, it’s easy to see why it has been reviewed as the best truck tent of 2017.

Napier Truck tents come with a good headroom that provides sufficient space when sitting up, a 5.5 feet headroom which is sewn into a floor. It’s mesh screens are suited to give the best ventilation while keeping bugs away. The Napier truck tent is made of a strong polyester material that is rainproof and perfect in windy

With the many truck tents available, the Napier truck tents are undoubtedly the best in the market. Even its critics agree that when it comes to quality, durability, and comfortability, nothing beats the Napier truck tent. This tent has received some great reviews from its frequent users, some even claiming to take the truck tent out every weekend. The undisputed and best truck tent god for 2017 is the Napier truck tent.


Best Tasting Protein Powders 2017

If you are looking to build muscles and to burn fat, then nothing is more good than Protein Powders. Nowadays, it’s really hard to find a solid protein powder because there are high chances that you could find one that tastes like a Ground Chalk.
In these days, there are hundreds of flavors available, and you want that not only works great but also tastes good. But now the question arises that which one is the best. Well, it’s going to take a lot of time to find the answer to this question. That’s why we are here with this blog to help you so you can find the Best Tasting Protein Powders 2017 without spending your money and try every product out in the market that will save not only your money but the time as well.

We have reviewed the best Protein

Powders and come up with the list that is actually the real ones and not tastes like Ground Chalks. These are the high-quality products that not only taste good but also supply a decent amount of proteins and amino acids to get the muscles growing.

1: Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard: This is the one of the best protein powder that not only tastes good but also has the lowest amount of fat and sugar.

2: MusclePharm Combat Protein: The second product on our list that helps with digestion side by adding digestive enzymes for those with sensitive stomachs.

3: Cellucor Performance Protein: It is quite a new player in the market, but they have made a great impact. With the features of less amount of calories, high in protein and with a solid amount of amino acids makes it #3 on our list.

4: BSN Syntha-6 Protein: Whenever it comes to flavor, Syntha-6 is the living example, but it is on the lower side of serving protein.

5: Dymatize Nutrition Natural elite: The one of the lowest price product in the market with the acceptable quantity of solid protein, amino acids, and great taste.